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Violations and Complaints tracking for buildings

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Violations issued by NYC agencies

City agencies such as DOB,HPD,FDNY,ECB,OATH,DOT and many others issue violations to property owners for non compliance due to city rules and regulations.

Most of building inspectors post the violation on the main entry door which are easily displaced/lost and owner of the property does not aware of it especially single and two family residential buildings. If the property is rented then most of the time renters do not care about property violation as they are not responsible for the violation removal. If you are owner of a single or multifamily property then you must find a way to track the building to see if any violation is issued against your building. We have a solution for the property owners. Visit WWW.NYCVIO.COM and register your property with us and our system will keep track of your property. Create your account in our web based system and track all the violations or complaints issued against your property. 

How to find the Bin# , Block and Lot#

How to add your property into the NYCVIO.COM

Check the building just added into NYCVIO.COM and details of all existing violations and complaints from City Agencies.

Alternatively , you can send us the building address  along with your name and email address and we will add your building into our violation tracking system. Please email us at and we will put all the information for you and send you your login details via email.

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