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The Department of Buildings is a central NYC monitoring agency that has jurisdiction over every structure within the five boroughs. In addition to construction regulations, the DOB monitors information on building equipment and structure, including boilers, elevators, facades, and more. Violations are issued by many city agencies
Q: What services NYCVIO.COM provides.
A: We have developed a web based system which tracks and monitors the violations issued against the properties and hence provide up to date information about these violations to property owners.
Q: What type of violations are tracked by this web based system

A: We track violations of following types issued by the city agencies
2- DOB Complaints
3- ECB Violations
4- HPD Complaints
5-HPD Violations
6- Fines and Hearings
7- Notice of violations issued by FDNY, Sanitation, DEP , DOB
8-Job Filings with DOB
9- Permit issuance by DOB

Q: What type of properties this web based system tracks and monitors.

A: This web based system tracks violations for all types of buildings from single family residences to multi family dwellings to commercial and office buildings of all types and categories. We make it simple for you , if building is in all five boroughs then this system can track it,

Q: How much it cost to use your services.
A: Our price for single family residence is $10.00 per month. For buildings of other types please contact us for pricing.
Q: How can I set up my online account:
A: The process to set up account is easy. Follow the below mentioned steps.
2- Click on the Log in/Register menu item on the top right side of page
3- Click on the Register button
4- Enter the entire information. Select user type as member ( it is important that you select member not contractor)
5- once all information is provided enter the Register button.
6 An email will be sent to the email address you provided in the registration. Once you receive the confirmation email you can log in as a user.
7 Log in to the system. Click on My Portfolio , a sub menu will be there Add property.
8- You should provide all the information accurately. To find the Block , Lot & Bin number go to the web address . You need to enter the property address. Once entered click on the GO Button. It will take you to your property profile page. You will find the property bin number along with block and lot number.  Enter the all required information in the add property text boxes and hit button submit. Repeat the process if you have more properties for all of them.

Q: How to generate the property violation report.
A: To generate property violation report go to sub menu  Generate report in main menu Portfolio . Once Generate report sub menu is clicked it will take you to the right page . You will also see a icon on right side of table at each property to view report. The report can be printed in pdf format. Or it can be saved in your computer in pdf format.

Q: Can I email the report.

A: The email icon do not work yet.If you want to email report then you need to save it on your computer and attach it in your regular email, same way you do in routines.

Once you completed it or if you have any problem send me email and I will help you to resolve if there is any issue.