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Learn What is NYC Local Law 77?

local law 77

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Local law 77

In accordance with Local Law 77 of 2015, which became effective August 18, 2015, owners and operators of cooling towers are required to do the following.

Registration: Cooling towers must be registered with DOB prior to initial operation. Existing cooling towers must be registered with DOB within 30 days of the law’s enactment.

Annual Certification: Owners or operators are required to annually certify that cooling towers have been inspected, tested, cleaned, and disinfected in compliance with Local Law 77 of 2015.

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Inspection: Inspection, testing, cleaning, and disinfection of cooling towers must be performed in accordance with DOHMH regulations.

Discontinuance of Use: If a cooling tower is removed or its use is permanently discontinued, the owner or operator must notify DOB within 30 days after removal/discontinuation. The notice must include a statement that the cooling tower was drained and sanitized in compliance with DOHMH requirements.

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Enforcement: Failure to register, submit annual certification or report discontinued use is a major violation punishable by a penalty of up to $10,000.

DOHMH Provisions
The following mandates ensure adherence to industry standards for cooling tower maintenance, cleaning and testing for microbes, and reporting to DOHMH samples that present a serious health

Maintenance Program Requirements: Owners are required to institute and follow a maintenance program and plan, developed by a qualified person, in accordance with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 188-2015) standard. Additionally, cooling towers that have been shut down for more than five days must be cleaned and disinfected within 15 days before initial use.

Inspection and Testing of Cooling Towers: Towers are to be inspected and tested every three months while a building’s cooling tower is in use.
Inspection Method :

1- An evaluation for the presence of organic material, biofilm, algae and other visible contaminants;
2- A test for the presence of microbes in the water of the cooling tower.

All required inspections, cleaning, and disinfection are to be performed by or under the supervision of a qualified person. Targets and acceptance testing, analysis, and microbial levels that require immediate action and reporting will be established by DOHMH. DOHMH will also define the credentials required for consideration as a ‘qualified’ person.

Read the full content of Local Law 77 of 2015 from NYC DOB SITE

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