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Registration and Annual Certification OF Cooling Tower

Building owners and property managers are required to register cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers with the City. If you own or manage cooling towers, fluid coolers, or evaporative condensers, you must register them through Cooling Tower Web Portal.Cooling Tower registration is mandatory and must be completed prior to initial operation, and updated as necessary. Building owners must register cooling towers or evaporative condensers through the Department’s Cooling Tower Registration Portal. Before registering equipment, building owners or property managers must create a user account in the Department’s system by providing simple identifying information, i.e. name, telephone number and email address.


In addition to initial registration, building owners must file an Annual Certification each year attesting that all cooling equipment was inspected, tested, cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the Maintenance Program and Plan (MPP). The certification must document any lapses in compliance with the MPP, as well as the corrective actions taken to address the deficiencies. Registered users can upload their annual certifications to the Cooling Tower Web Portal.

Failure to register or upload an Annual Certification may result in a fine issued by the Department of Buildings.


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