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Local Law 92 and 94

local law 92 and 94

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Local Law 92 and 94 of 2019:

Green and Solar Roof Requirements for New Buildings and Complete Roof Replacements provide a major boost to the city’s sustainable roof policies. Together, the laws require solar panels or green roofs on all new construction as well as buildings undertaking major roof renovations. They also increase the roof reflectiveness required by the existing cool roofs law.

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Enactment of Local law 92 and 94:

Beginning November 15, 2019, all new buildings and alterations of existing buildings where the entire existing roof deck or roof assembly is being replaced must provide a sustainable roofing zone covering 100% of the roof. Projects with construction documents approved on or after November 15, 2019, are subject to the requirements of LL 92 and 94 of 2019, unless the construction documents have attained BIS job status K (plan exam partial approval) prior to such date.

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What is a sustainable roofing zone:

SUSTAINABLE ROOFING ZONE” is defined as areas of a roof assembly where a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system, a green roof system, or a combination thereof, is installed.

Areas to be included in sustainable roofing zone Roofs at every level shall be provided with a sustainable roofing zone pursuant to Local Law 92 and 94. Each contiguous roof area shall be evaluated individually and be provided with either a green roof system or a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system, or a combination thereof. No roof area, unless specifically excluded per subsection C of section II of the bulletin, is exempt from these requirements.

Areas exempted from sustainable roofing zone The following areas are excluded from the sustainable roofing zone:
1. Areas required to be set aside for setbacks or access pursuant to the New York City Fire Code, New York City Construction Codes, or the Zoning Resolution of the City of New York. For example, rooftop access areas required by Fire Code section 504.4 and 512.3.1 that must be kept clear are excluded from the sustainable roofing zone.
2. Areas occupied by rooftop structures, water towers, greenhouses, mechanical equipment, towers, antennas, parapets, guardrails, solar thermal systems, equipment access pathways and
3. Areas occupied by obstructions related to stormwater management practices including, but not limited to, cisterns, or reuse systems that are installed to comply with site connection or stormwater construction permits issued by the Department of Environmental Protection.
4. Building setbacks including terraces that are existing non-complying pursuant to the New York City Zoning Resolution, or that are voluntarily provided. However, each setback must comprise less than 25 percent of the area of the largest floor plate in the building.
5. Recreational spaces that are integral to the principal use of the building on which the rooftop is located, including but not limited to playgrounds and participant sports areas for sports facilities and schools, Quality Housing recreation spaces, roof terraces, and passive recreation areas that are documented on the certificate of occupancy or Department of Buildings approved filing as outlined in Building Bulletin 2018-002.
6. Pitched roofs (roof slopes greater than 17 percent) that would accommodate less than 4kW of solar photovoltaic electricity generating capacity. Supporting documents, including calculations and shading report by a qualified contractor or NYS registered design professional, shall be submitted.
7. Areas where site conditions are determined by the Department to be unfavorable to either a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system or a green roof system. For example, in cases where the entire roof assembly including roof deck is replaced, but the building structure cannot support the added weight of a sustainable roofing zone, a statement by an NYS registered design professional shall be submitted to the Department to substantiate the practical difficulty due to structural limitation.

Read the full text of Local Law 92 and 94 here 

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