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Best Local Law 55 0f 2018 in NYC

LOCAL LAw 55-The day law passed

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Local law 55

Responsibilities of Landlord to comply with Local Law 55:New York City law requires that landlords of buildings with

  • three or more apartments —
  • or buildings of any size where a tenant has asthma —
  • take steps to keep their tenants’ homes free of pests and mold.
  • This includes safely fixing the conditions that cause these problems. Read full content here.

The landlord must Inspect every apartment and the building’s common areas for cockroach and rodent infestations, mold, and the conditions that lead to these hazards, at least once a year and more often if necessary. Landlords must also respond to tenant complaints or requests for an inspection.

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The landlord must do under local law 55

Use integrated pest management (IPM) practices to safely control pests and fix building-related issues that lead to pest problems.
• Remove pest nests and thoroughly clean pest waste and other debris using a HEPA vacuum. Make sure to limit the spread of dust when cleaning.
• Repair and seal any holes, gaps or cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, molding, base boards, around pipes and conduits, and around and within cabinets.
• Attach door sweeps to all doors that lead to hallways, basements or outside.
• Remove all water sources for pests by repairing drains, faucets and other plumbing materials that collect water or leak.
• Use pesticides sparingly. If pesticides must be used to correct a violation, they must be applied by a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation–licensed pest professional.

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The landlord must perform under local law 55

Remove indoor mold and safely fix the problems that cause mold.
• Remove any standing water, and fix leaks or moisture conditions.
• Move or cover furniture with plastic sheeting.
• Limit the spread of dust. Use methods such as sealing off openings (e.g., doorways, ventilation ducts) and gently misting the moldy area with soap or detergent and water before cleaning.
• Clean moldy area with soap or detergent and water. Dry the cleaned area completely.
• Clean any visible dust from the work area with wet mops or HEPA vacuums.
• Throw away all cleaning-related waste in heavy-duty plastic bags and seal securely.
• To clean 10 or more square feet of mold in a building with 10 or more apartments, landlords must use a New York State Department of Labor–licensed mold assessor and remediator.

  • These licensed workers must comply with New York City Administrative Code section 24-154 and New York State Labor Law Article 32.

The Landlord must act under local law 55

  • Make sure vacant apartments are thoroughly cleaned and free of pests and mold before a new tenant moves in.
  • Provide a copy of this fact sheet and notice with each tenant’s lease that clearly states the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities to keep the building free of indoor allergens.

New York City Local Law 55 requires that landlords take steps to keep their tenants’ homes free of pests and mold. This includes safely fixing the conditions that cause these problems. Tenants also play a role in preventing indoor allergens.

TENANT SHOULD do under local law 55

  • Keep homes clean and dry
  • Avoid using pesticides and chemicals with strong smells (e.g., cleaning products, air fresheners, etc.)
  • Place food in sealed containers, keep counters and sinks clean,
  • and get rid of clutter such as newspapers and paper bags
  • Tell landlords right away if there are pests, water leaks, or holes or cracks in the walls and floors
  • Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids
  • Let building staff into homes to make any needed repairs
  • Take garbage and recycling out every day, and tie up garbage bags before putting them in compactor chutes
  • Call 311 if landlords do not fix the problem or if repair work is being done unsafely

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