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Local law 33-Energy efficiency label

local law 33

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Energy efficiency labels local law 33

Energy Efficiency Labels Are Now Available – Must Be Posted By October 31

Local Law 33 of 2018-energy efficiency labels- of the City of New York requires to report energy efficiency scores and grades for buildings required to benchmark their energy and water consumption. Energy efficiency scores and grades for these buildings shall be obtained, assigned, and disclosed annually, based on benchmarking reporting consistent with Federal energy efficiency standards.

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An energy efficiency score is the Energy Star Rating that a building earns using the United States Environmental Protection Agency online benchmarking tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, to compare building energy performance to similar buildings in similar climates. As per Local Law 95 of 2019 grades based on Energy Star energy efficiency scores will be assigned as follows:

A – score is equal to or greater than 85;
B – score is equal to or greater than 70 but less than 85;
C – score is equal to or greater than 55 but less than 70;
D – score is less than 55;
F – for buildings that didn’t submit required benchmarking information;
N – for buildings exempted from benchmarking or not covered by the Energy Star program.


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Energy efficiency label

The energy efficiency label will include both a letter grade and the building’s energy efficiency score. Please reference the following document for more information: Local Law 33 as amended by LL95 of 2019 Steps to Compliance.

What is required to comply with Local Law 33 of 2018? To comply with Local Law 33/18, the energy and water consumption of a building must be benchmarked annually by May 1. The energy efficiency score and grade that is obtained and assigned based on benchmarking reporting, must be disclosed in the form of a Building Energy Efficiency Rating label by displaying it annually within 30 days after October 1st in a conspicuous location near each public entrance to the building until October 1st of the following year.

What happens if a building owner fails to submit a benchmarking report on time: Buildings, for which required benchmarking information was not submitted on time, will be assigned an “F” grade in the form of the Building Energy Efficiency Rating Label. The label with an “F” grade must be displayed within 30 days after October 1st in a conspicuous location near each public entrance to such building until October 1st of the following year.

Building Energy Efficiency Rating Label Requirements:

  • No limit on printing the copies, you may print as many copies as needed.
  • The label may be printed in color (highly recommended) or in grayscale.
  • Framing/laminating the label is suggested, but not required, as long as all information included in the label is clearly visible for the entire year.
  • A printed 8½” x 11” paper label is acceptable.
  • Once printed, the label must be displayed either externally or internally in a conspicuous location near each public entrance, so it is visible to the public.
  • The label must be at a vertical height no less than four feet and no more than six feet from the ground or floor.
  • The label must not be defaced, marred, camouflaged, or hidden from public view.
  • The label must be displayed year-round and replaced each year with the latest issued version.

Where and how  to Obtain the Energy Efficiency Label:

The label is not automatically mailed, an owner or owner’s representative must access it thru the DOB NOW Public Portal, download, and print for posting. Retrieve the label by visiting the DOB NOW Public Portal and following these steps:
1. Look for a new tab for building efficiency scores on the Public Portal of DOB NOW, under the device search and before Licensee search.
2. Search by Borough, Block, and Lot (all required fields).
3. If a lot number exists, a list of BINs with corresponding addresses will be listed in rows. If not, an error message will be displayed.
4. A button/ link to download the label will be displayed next to each row with a specific BIN/Address.
5. Once a user clicks on one of the buttons/links, they will get to a new screen where they will have to enter their information and sign the attestations (by checking a box).
6. Once the user clicks submit, the label will be displayed and available for downloading and printing.

Still have questions. Please download the attached FAQ about Energy Efficiency labels requirements


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