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building permit

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Building permit

Building and home improvements projects frequently require permits. Building codes are in place to make sure that homeowners are working with long-lasting, safe and secure building improvements for their homes. The building permit is a key document that must be obtained when constructing or renovating a house. This ensures the quality of the work you do. It must be requested before commencing construction.

Does my renovation project requires a building permit?

This is one of the most frequently asked question which every property owner asks. Renovations are a big deal and they are bound to cause some noise and chaos in the short run. If you or your client is planning on doing some renovations, you might need a building permit. Building permits are required if the proposed project will entail any change in the structural integrity of the building or if it requires any kind of occupancy licensing.


Type of work which may not require building permit

I. Exterior structures

II. Service equipment

III. Interior partitions

IV. Roofs

I. Masonry (not including Terra Cotta and Stone)

II. Concrete Restoration

III. Stone/Terra Cotta Restoration

IV. Curtain/ Panel Walls

V. Cleaning or Coating of Masonry/Concrete/Metal/EIFS

VI. Miscellaneous Metal/Steel

VII. Sheet Metal

VIII. Doors/Windows

IX. Miscellaneous

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